Sunday, September 1 — September 21

Pray First

Prayer is about more than presenting our needs to God; it is about presenting ourselves to God, seeking His Will and submitting ourselves to Him. It's about listening for His voice and direction -understanding that He works in our circumstances as well as in our hearts and minds. When we have truly reached a place of surrender, our desires begin to look a lot like God's desires. Thanks for being a part of 21 Days of Prayer! Check back every morning to see what we're praying for that day.

How To Pray

Spend time thinking about how great God is, thank Him for specific blessings in your life and for attributes of His character that you appreciate. Compliment God!

Ask Him to make you clean on the inside, confess (admit to & ask for forgiveness) any junk that's in your life - then turn away from it for good.

Bring your needs and the needs of others that you are aware of to Him. Trust that "if you ask, you will receive" (John 16:24). Be careful not to rush through this part. Take your time; talk with Him about each need. Keep a list of these requests.

Make sure that no matter what you have asked for, that your greatest desire is for God to have His way -after all, we do know that His way is the best way.