TOVA is the female form of the Hebrew word for good, and is directly translated, ‘working as intended’. God first used this word in the Bible to describe things within creation. The root word, TOV, in the Hebrew language also describes things that contain the potential of life within it, and things that produce new life, just as we are called to be disciple makers and to share the living Word of the Lord with others so they can bear fruit of their own. To the Lord, this is tov.


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Discover all that God designed marriage to be.


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No matter what you are struggling with we want to help you find freedom in and through Jesus.


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Our guest speaker, Carol Hubing, has a powerful word for us! Carol is a gifted teacher, whose heart burns for the church to become everything it is destined to be in Christ!

Sep 29, 2023

Society 57
100 S River St

Aurora, IL


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