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Our Principles

Jesus Is Our Message

We are determined to point people to a relationship with God, not a religious way of life. We believe that Jesus is the way to God, the truth about God and the source of true life, and we tirelessly and creatively share that message with others.

People Are Our Heart

We know that no one is perfect, so everyone is welcome. Jesus always loved those who seemed least likely to be loved, so we want to be a place where the marginalized are prioritized and grace is freely given.

Hope Is Our Foundation

We live with a stubborn optimism. We have faith in God’s ability to change individuals, families and whole societies, so we refuse to see anyone as a lost cause. That means we pray and work with a joy and passion rooted in God’s victory in all things.

Servant Leadership Is Our Calling

If we are too big to serve, we are too small to lead. Jesus said that the greatest among us will be a servant to all, so we celebrate small acts of kindness as a big deal.

Generosity Is Our Privilege

God loves to give, and he is very good at it. We want to be good at it, too. We are generous with our time, our talents and our treasure, knowing that we are more blessed in giving than in getting.

We exist to love God and serve the City.